The Key Ingredients of a Happy and Successful Relationship


1. Giving and receiving unconditional love

2. Having a solid friendship

3. A commitment to understand each other, and each other’s perspective on things

4. Having a relationship that is built on trust

5. Having, and demonstrating, genuine respect for one another

6. Sharing common values


Insights into Self-loathing


Self-loathing, also known as “autophobia” or self-hatred”, is a thought pattern where individuals believe they are inferior, bad, worthless, unlovable, or incompetent. It is associated with low self-esteem and low self worth. Other symptoms of self-loathing include chemical dependency, alcohol &…

Huge problem of mine.

Ever thought of how much insurance fucks you? Like you pay hundreds of dollars a month to cover your ass just in case of an accident. But when you actually do you have to pay a deductible. Like why couldn’t you just use the money I paid you over the course of two years to pay for the damages? Lol